La nueva tendencia que invita a lucir con orgullo la celulitis en Instagram +FOTOS


Inició en Canadá y se ha expandido en varias partes del mundo, incluso en Argentina, es una tendencia que lleva por nombre “el sábado de celulitis” y permite a las mujeres mostrar sus cuerpos reales sin ningún tabú.

Tienes como finalidad derribar el mito de las celulitis a través de la red social Instagram, donde muchas mujeres de cualquier parte suben fotos de sus cuerpos para tratar de dar a entender al mundo que la celulitis no es un defecto de belleza que se deba corregir sino una característica propia de los cuerpos femeninos, mas allá de la edad, contextura física o alimentación

La campaña comenzó con la actriz y escritora canadiense Kenzie Brenna, quien decidió publicar fotos donde muestra su celulitis explicando que se alimenta y hace ejercicio, pero, como lo demuestra la ciencia “el 90% de las mujeres la tienen”.

En esta iniciativa se inspiró la organización AnyBody Argentina que tiene el objetivo de generar conciencia entre políticos y profesionales de medios de comunicación para que trabajen en temas que influencian la percepción del ideal de belleza y salud entre la gente.

La propuesta es que las usuarias compartan sus fotos con el hashtag #celulitissabado y el lema “no necesitamos photoshop”.

🌷 THIS 🌷 IS 🌷 WHAT 🌷 RECOVERY 🌷 LOOKS 🌷 LIKE 🌷 I woke up and went to take pictures and I became a bit critical of myself. This is obviously normal for me lololol ("oh wow really kenzie we didn't notice" 🙃) But then I did something different. I really tried to conceptualize my body on someone else. I imagined myself walking down the street, I imagined myself as if one of my friends, I imagined myself as a mom teaching her children through her actions. I think all the people in my life have beautiful bodies, I never once judge anyone on here for theirs. So why the fucked up standard with mine? I challenged my perception to move into the "OBSERVER SELF" which is a term in psychology used to describe the part of your brain that practices mindfulness and being present. It is often a much more loving part of our brain, much more objective, much more thoughtful 💕 So I stepped there and I practiced mindfulness once again with myself. And I realized how fucking dope I am. I have gone through SO MUCH and I have put my body through SO much, all for which it never asked to be apart of. So I celebrated every bit of myself as if I would a friend. This exercise was INCREDIBLY helpful for me to be in a less subjective state with my body and help me be more real with the beauty I carry, no matter what fucking "flaws" I have. Celebrate yourself as if you were your own best friend. As if you were a parent to a child. As if you were the only thing your body and mind ever needed to be whole in this world. 🌎💕✨ You deserve to feel this, you deserve to feel healed, you deserve to feel the type of freedom that comes when you are in love with your whole life. You are beautiful and smart and perfect, always and forever 🌷💞 #selflovejourney #cellulitesaturday #gonnagotreatmyselftosomething #selfloveclub

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🚺Sim, eu tenho celulite!🚺 { da série #semfiltro } Algumas mulheres falam abertamentesobre suas ‘imperfeições’ e outras  já não … “Acho mulheres que se preocupam com isso são extremamente inseguras, e homens que reparam em celulite, bem, posso seguramente dizer que são gays.” nada contra é claro 👬 Mas e aí fica a pergunta: Você se preocupa com seu corpo e realmente sente-se bem quando está bonita ou procura ter um modelo padrão de beleza ditado por outros? Ou ainda, você se preocupa com seu corpo por desejar agradar seu parceiro? Reza a lenda que os homens não deixam de achar uma mulher gostosa por causa de celulite, estrias, peito pequeno, barriguinha … então vamos deixar a nossa colega celulite em paz e quieta onde quer que ela esteja. #curvylinious #curvy #plussizewomen #plussizefashion #plussizesexy #gordinhasexy #gordinha #plussize #sexy #curvas #photo #instasize #instaphoto #pickofday #sougg #celulite #instasize #instagood #modaplussize #look #fashion #moda #curves #modagg #plussizelife #plussizemodel #plussizeclothing #cellulitesaturday

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Love the skin you're in! – @notoriouslydapper #Repost from @deegetsstronger No filters, no edits, no sucking in, no nothing. Just smack dab in the middle of some good ol' "flaw" showing sunlight. Lighting can fully change how someone looks; and odds are, most of the women you know have had their pictures taken in lighting that hides their "flaws" the most, out of either insecurity or shame. But reality is, the vast majority of women have cellulite, scars or stretch marks on their bodies. It's in our biology, and it's simply how our bodies are meant to grow, slim down and store fat. Diet industries and public figures have caused such a stir about how our bodies "should" look like, that we've forgotten how to embrace ourselves as we naturally are. We've got our minds so rapped up into looking like one particular body, that we've lost conscious of how impossible it is for two bodies to be exactly alike. Our own damn bodies don't even look the same throughout the lengths of a day, yet we're still falling for a social ideal which simply cannot be met? To love yourself as you are, and move towards a better you, you have learn more about yourself and your body first. It takes time, and it takes strength, and you will have your downfalls, but I promise you, there is no greater feeling than embracing yourself for who you truly are💕 #cellulitesaturday

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#Repost @nourishandeat with @repostapp ・・・ HAPPY #cellulitesaturday MY DARLING DEAR ONES 🙌🏼👏🏼 I have cellulite and so does 90% of the female population. I am no less beautiful with it, no more valuable without it. My body is not wrong, it is not a problem to be fixed. My body is soft, like cotton. It is curvy, like a violin. It shows me where I have been and all the things I am because of where I come from. I have learned to listen to it and revere it and allow it to speak to me in a language that's just for me — a body love that's taken years to learn — but one that now flows from my mouth like a native tongue because it was inside of me all along. I celebrate #cellulitesaturday because NOT celebrating my body isn't part of my vocabulary anymore 💕🙌🏼 #real #healthy #true #notperfect #lebanon #lebanese #fake #photoshop #photoshoped #genuine #loveyourbody #confident #confidence #beauty #realbeauty #betrue #confidentgirl

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